The Kodaikanal Mushroom trip: 8th May 2016

Once at prayer, I asked for empathy and set out to travel... We were downhill at Kodai town and after withdrawing money, we rushed straight to Subway. I always wondered why people don’t try out local cuisines and stick to the food that they would easily get back home. It's actually the sense of familiarity... Continue Reading →


The mysterious man at Kodaikanal: 7th May 2016

This is about the time when I met a rather mysterious cafe guy up in the hills of Kodaikanal. We drove from Bangalore to the Princess of hill stations and covered a rough 430 kilometres to reach the town of Kodaikanal in an overnight journey of around 9 hours. At 10 in the morning, buses,... Continue Reading →

The Secret place at Hampi: 9 Dec, 2016

We woke up early morning very eager to visit the “secret place”. At around 10, the party gathered at the restaurant. We were promised a waterfall and a lake, hence, we packed accordingly. Timo packed a pump apart from other things. He joked about blasting the waterbed of the lake so that fishes would come... Continue Reading →

The Funny Place at Hampi: 7 & 8 Dec, 2015

We shifted base from the Goan corner to its neighbour “Top Secret Riverview Restaurant”. Although there is nothing top secret about it, the riverside view is a treat. Huts with thatched roof forming a single file with hammocks swinging in front of each would give you a very beachy feel. The double bed with white... Continue Reading →

Social Rehab: Bangalore 4 Dec, 2015

The morning had fled with Malvika to work by the time we were up. And we woke up to the beautiful scene of Social Rehab. The Monalisa Apartments, at 100 feet road, house a hip and exceedingly happening Baers hostel. You enter the place to find colours strewn around. It will lift your mood in... Continue Reading →

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