My lessons of SHAME turned PINK.

I have talked about it to some of my friends and played the scene in my head quite a few times but after watching PINK, I feel I should tell you about the time I was slut-shamed in the ladies compartment of a local train by a woman. Shoojit Sircar, Aniruddha Roy Chowdhary and Ritesh... Continue Reading →


How Ma has been an exemplary teacher.

There was this weird kid who followed her home one day after school. He was very keen to know where her favourite teacher lived and if they were neighbours. He skipped and hopped two flights of stairs to reach her room, stood outside and probably would have asked, "May I come in Madam?", if she... Continue Reading →

Victoria’s Secret

She flung her bare legs across the chaise and walked towards him. She came closer and looked him in the eye. His smile changed into anticipation; her smirk into determination. Not once did she falter the gaze.

MICA diaries: 2nd July 2015

Thomas Hardy’s Tess pleases to me a lot. More than the story, I admire the way Hardy has described each event and painted a beautiful picture of Wessex in Victorian England. Hardy was so much into details that he even described Tess’s gait - it marked the buoyancy of her tread, like the skim of... Continue Reading →

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