MICA diaries: 26th June 2015

A lonely walk around the campus revealed some beautiful graffiti. Most of the walls here aren't painted or plastered. They are left empty to be filled with imagination. MICA seems otherworldly and speaks of freedom. I have heard of places being fun and exciting but this place has stunned me. It’s everything you want it to... Continue Reading →


MICA diaries: 25th June 2015

ABCD had been running around in my head. Dressed in black I made way to the art class with Priti after a sumptuous breakfast. We sat down to draw a bespectacled guy sitting on a chair with his feet lazily crossed. I was holding a pencil to draw after a very long time. It made... Continue Reading →

MICA diaries: 24th June 2015

 By fifteen minutes past eight, I and Priti walked across the seemingly deserted campus and were in the dining hall for breakfast. Uttapam, sambhar, omelette, sandwich, cornflakes and milk greeted us. I, dressed in white and orange and she dressed in pink and blue, were way ahead of the schedule; just like the good girls... Continue Reading →

MICA diaries: 23rd June 2015

Packed bags and eagerly waiting to leave for the MICA campus. My ride for the journey had arrived. I happily dragged my luggage downstairs. I was hoping we could leave early so that I could meet Priti, whom I had befriended during the interview. She is from Thane and runs organic farms. I had an... Continue Reading →

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