MICA diaries: 4th July 2015

The day wasn’t as eventful as the previous; not every day you go on road trips to distant towns. I couldn't concentrate in class. The Saffola boy jumps off mountains of puris and my mind wandered off to hills and skies, and I wished I could see beyond them. Things got busy at the hostel... Continue Reading →


MICA diaries: 3rd July 2015

Where were we? Oh yes, Ratanpur at 4 in the morning! The first restaurant we knocked on did not offer anything as it was too early. We moved to the next open air one which graciously welcomed our intrusion. Chairs were arranged and we sat with cold limbs and hot food. It had slowly started... Continue Reading →

MICA diaries: 2nd July 2015

Thomas Hardy’s Tess pleases to me a lot. More than the story, I admire the way Hardy has described each event and painted a beautiful picture of Wessex in Victorian England. Hardy was so much into details that he even described Tess’s gait - it marked the buoyancy of her tread, like the skim of... Continue Reading →

MICA diaries: 1st July 2015

ABCD was different today. We were sharing stories. I think it was Avantika who spoke today. She is tall, dusky, wears a nose ring and has really beautiful hair. She talked about college and her friends. What I grasped from what Pravin said was that our source of inspiration can be anything. Most of the time... Continue Reading →

MICA diaries: 29th June 2015

The auditorium is like a theatre with wide steps strewn with colourful cushions. The cushions speak of ethnic Gujarat. We assembled there with management students of the PGP course to attend a seminar. The CEO of Marico was to speak to the students and Prof. Subhash thought it would be nice if we join too.... Continue Reading →

MICA diaries: 28th June 2015

Sunday morning at MICA was… er… I have no idea. It’s so because we never made it to the morning; courtesy Sa-turh-day night! At around afternoon, I woke up with a considerably good memory of yesternight and slight blank spaces. With extreme laziness, I worked myself through a bath. We met at the hall and... Continue Reading →

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