Friends old and new: Bangalore 2 Dec, 2015

After surprising Sushma and shocking the hell out of her, we went out for dinner. She was chirpy as a lark on a sunny Sunday morning. The dreary weather of the city couldn’t dampen her spirits and the excitement she had on seeing me. She made sure I ate well. Sushma has always been this way, motherly and caring. She kept insisting on one more roti and I kept denying, just to make her coax me further. I had missed her. I am sure you know how extraordinary it is to see someone so happy to see you.

The next day, I met Priti for a Malayali wedding. Later in the evening, I brought her to Sushma’s place. We lay tired on the bed while slowly drifting off to sleep. Priti got a call from Malvika. She had been out with some friends and asked us to join. After several minutes of frustration over our wardrobe crisis, we walked out to the very popular 100 feet road. Joined by Sushma and Syam, we made our way to the Extreme sports bar. The pulsating rhythm echoed through the dance floor.This place was going to see things happen.

The club boomed of deafening music and was a maze painted in neon. I spotted Malvika in a white tunic. The light was such that she was glowing. With her was her friend from Dubai, Abdul along with Claudio & Mirco from Switzerland , Brice a Frenchman and Pratik from the Social Rehab.



The night progressed and awkward introductions soon gave way to some crazy dancing on the floor. Alcohol poured in from the bar. Priti and Sushma drank a variety of booze. At first it was the light and sincere Gin followed by a whiff of whiskey and  finally came the gushes of vodka laced with some other kind of hooch. There was also this funny looking blue shot in a tiny tumbler which Priti chugged down herself.

I did a little bit of dancing myself but most of the time, I was busy fetching water and getting those two drunkards hydrated. They hadn’t eaten as such and I knew how the evening was going to end. Priti was a happy high or atleast that is what she said. As for Sushma, she kept howling at me with glee and she pulled me to the dance floor. It was one of the best times I have had in a while. Most people in the club were regulars and relatively mellow but our lot was most determinedly not.


Abdul’s distinct dance step, amusingly friendly kisses and a lot of carefree hair swaying was fun to watch. Humans, amazing creatures I tell you!


Priti though was the most endearing sight of us all. She had lost grip of her body and swayed to the music, carefree. With a perpetual smile plastered on her face, she had let her hair lose and soon the body followed. Scared that she might fall, I made her lean against a wall with a firm instruction to it STICK TO THE WALL! But her balance gave away in a blink. She went sliding down on the floor, landing on her ass but all the while STICKING TO THE WALL. Priti: obedient in sobriety and otherwise.

I decided not to drink. Someone had to partner with Syam to take these crazies home. Sharp at 11 the DJ ceased jamming and we were dismissed out of the bar. Tumbling on the stairs, Priti kept asking people if they were drunk, to which a girl humorously responded, “I am not, but you certainly are!” 😀

On our way back home, I realized that tonight we had turned into those drunkards who walk the streets late at night screaming and spoiling people’s nap. The booze gave way to a lot of peeing and puking and soon the traffic got jumbled between pants and the toilet seat. Much to my disappointment, I had to put them to sleep.

Lying at the edge of the bed I wondered how things were changing. A few years ago I had no idea of which bus to take to reach home and had a friend guide me. And now here I am pulling back the hair of my drunken sweetheart. Maybe someday when my wrinkled self is at a coffee shop stirring clouds of caffeine, laughter would burst out in memory of such chapters and I would think ‘Ah, what a life I have had, thank God I realized it soon…




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  1. Maybe someday when we would all meet again..wrinkled but are eyes glowing, we would sit at coffee shop stirring clouds of caffeine and talk about good old days of stirring crowds at pub!

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