MICA diaries: 4th July 2015

The day wasn’t as eventful as the previous; not every day you go on road trips to distant towns. I couldn’t concentrate in class. The Saffola boy jumps off mountains of puris and my mind wandered off to hills and skies, and I wished I could see beyond them. Things got busy at the hostel too. We had 4 assignments to complete and everyone was at work. Roaming around with laptops and not getting any work done was our hapless state. In the midst of all, I realized it was International Kiss Day and no one was kissing anyone. How boring! I constantly chattered about it and as usual, no one paid attention 😛

Soon, everyone got busy with their phones, some on the social network while some on calls and subsequently left the room. We sat huddled in a blanket watching something on the laptop. I don’t remember if there was someone else in the room. I think we were in the middle of a conversation when he turned towards me and kissed. He asked, “Is this okay for your International Kiss day?” I smiled and nodded.


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