MICA diaries: 2nd July 2015

Thomas Hardy’s Tess pleases to me a lot. More than the story, I admire the way Hardy has described each event and painted a beautiful picture of Wessex in Victorian England. Hardy was so much into details that he even described Tess’s gait – it marked the buoyancy of her tread, like the skim of a bird which has not quite alighted.

Visual imagery is a very important tool in writing. Bringing alive the scene for the readers such that they find themselves surrounded by it, is the true power of a writer. Each one of us was given a food item and we had to describe it without disclosing its name and see if others could guess it. I thought I did a pretty good job writing about aam ka achaar (mango pickle). My notepad kept filling up with words and colours. I wrote with different ink everyday – blue, black, brown, green and red.


Apart from a good visual description, another important thing is the emotion attached to it. Detached and aloof stories never made a mark on the reader’s heart. To make a connection with the reader sitting thousands of miles away and even decades after you have written that story, marks a writer’s potential. All of us respond to emotions; especially a story that is in some way about us.

After dinner we were at Mohit’s room working on the assignments. We were in the middle of writing a letter when Aayushi came in and announced a road trip. It was around 10 o’ clock. We looked at her once and resumed working, thinking her to have gone crazy. She sensed our disbelief. Malvika and Nidhi came next and asked why we weren’t ready yet. They sat down to explain what took place downstairs.

CCC was planning Prof. Subhash’s birthday. They got discussing about vacations and holidays. Out of nowhere, someone suggested that we do a trial run for the real trip. Within moments everyone took to the plan seriously and rushed back to their rooms to get ready for the trip.

We shoved our essentials in Aayushi’s backpack. We were taking turns to the loo to avoid peeing on the road when Nidhi comes giggling out of the room. Mohit had got locked in the bathroom. We were in a hurry to get ready for the trip. Deep and Aayushi were booking cabs and there was Mohit; chilling in the loo. I don’t know why but all of us found it extremely funny that he was locked inside. We took turns to screw the door knob and tried to pry it open but it wouldn’t. We came in with all sorts of tools to poke in the keyhole and that is when we found out that the door knob doesn’t have a bloody keyhole! What kind of door knob doesn’t have a keyhole? Mohit kept calling us names. He thought that we were playing a prank on him. He was absolutely relaxed. All the while he thought that with time we would get bored of his nonchalance and open the door. Deep came in and tried to break open the door. I mean are you seriously kidding me? We aren’t in an episode of CID. Of course it didn’t work. Mohit waited inside with absolutely no clue that all of this was real.

Meanwhile Prof. Rajan, who was also a part of the trip planning commission, came upstairs to see if we were ready. On hearing about Mohit’s condition he tried to help the same way as Deep. In my head, I was ‘really, you too?’. Even though the situation was dire, we couldn’t control laughing. Even Sir was laughing. When Mohit heard Rajan Sir’s voice, he knew that something was wrong. We cursed him for the bad timing. If he didn’t come out then we would have to give Ratanpur a miss. Oh, by the way, that’s the place we were going.

Meanwhile someone called up Tikender (you remember him, don’t you?). Do you know what he did? He laughed. He explained us the mechanics which we hardly cared about and tried to open the door but couldn’t. He then called another guy who came in with some more tools. Finally when nothing worked, they got down to kicking the door. Aryaman was ready with his camera shooting the entire kickass scene. The first kick didn’t work. On the second kick, the door knob rattled loudly and Mohit was free.

He came out all covered in sweat, flustered and shooting the entire thing from inside (and there you thought girls were camera crazy!)

Downstairs, all of CCC had gathered along with the faculty, waiting for the cabs to arrive. By the time we left, it was 1. Deep sat in the front with the driver. I, Malvika, Aryaman and Mohit sat in the middle because former three of us are skinny. Fat people (Priti, Nidhi and Aayushi) sat at the back 😀


Our driver was into mash-ups like O saathi re-meets-Garba! And I thought Bollywood bhajans were hilarious. With a few stops at fuel stations and for others to catch up, the journey saw Aayushi perched on the car’s roof…


…paparazzi never failing to capture memories…


and the one I will cherish the most…


No, not this picture! 😛 It’s what happened when we reached Ratanpur at 4 in the morning, exactly here. (coming up next!)

IMG_0175 (1)-2

Patience, darling! 😉




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