MICA diaries: 1st July 2015

ABCD was different today. We were sharing stories. I think it was Avantika who spoke today. She is tall, dusky, wears a nose ring and has really beautiful hair. She talked about college and her friends. What I grasped from what Pravin said was that our source of inspiration can be anything. Most of the time we miss the beauty of the things we see every day. We think that the ‘everyday’ is morbid but it isn’t so. Thus, today we were to find beauty in the dull daily and when inspired, we were to try and capture it on paper. The class dispersed slowly in all directions. I and Priti walked this way…


And we walked further…


And found this…


But wait, that is not it. A few steps away, exactly here…


we found something really pretty in black…


Oh wait! Wrong picture 😛 Here you go…



Beautiful isn’t it? We came up with wild theories of what it was. Maybe it was as a burnt flower or a poisonous mushroom, but then we just let it be. It was getting warm. We walked towards shade and that is when I came across a simple beauty. We see it almost everywhere and here it was, sitting idly under shadow and flickering as the slightest breeze touched it. I didn’t capture it in camera but in paper. I tried to…


Back at Prof. Rajan’s class I received, by far the most important (and I kid you not) lesson in writing. Writing and editing do not go hand-in-hand. They go one after the other. You first write and then you edit it. Once I started practicing this, I have (touchwood) never faced a writer’s block. We had this exercise in which we had to just write and not worry about whether it makes sense or not. After writing for an entire 5 minutes, I realized that it wasn’t as bad as I had imagined it would be. Lesson – one does not simply correct while crafting.

Before breaking for lunch we were asked to come up with posters/placards for ‘keep of the grass’ sign. Lunch was nowadays a busy affair. All the students from all the courses were here and the dining hall was bustling with incessant conversation. I looked around and saw so many pretty faces, girls especially. They were dressed in all sorts of manner – casual, formal, ethnic, bohemian and then there’s Raveena! 😀 I remember walking back to class with Mohit after lunch thinking about grass (not ‘GrAsS’ grass) and cows and therapists!

It is one thing when you have a thought and are able to express it. What if you have thoughts and lack the expression? What if you have no idea how to express it? What would you do then? Simple, you develop new expressions. Expressions for commuters tooting their horn stuck in a traffic jam or a certain exotic pet asking for food. You don’t get it, do you? Well, you had to be there!

Oh and by the way, it’s that time of the year! MICA’s organising their 3 day fest, MICAnvas and I ain’t there… 😦 adorably-forlorn-face-turned-badass 😦




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