MICA diaries: 29th June 2015


The auditorium is like a theatre with wide steps strewn with colourful cushions. The cushions speak of ethnic Gujarat. We assembled there with management students of the PGP course to attend a seminar. The CEO of Marico was to speak to the students and Prof. Subhash thought it would be nice if we join too. PGP is the lesser fun part of MICA. They seem very formal and uptight from afar. I distinctly remember a guy from the senior year in a salmon pink shirt. He was supposedly the MONITOR. He took to the stage and started calling out names of all the students to note their attendance. Few of them were not present which irked him. He started screaming like a disgruntled neighbourhood aunt and scolded his peers and juniors. Having been to college twice, it was very surprising for me to watch this, especially at MICA. That is when I realised that CCC isn’t the whole of MICA. As everyone rose to claim attendance with a ‘present’ or ‘there’, I had a feeling that life must be a real bitch with salmon-pink-aunt-guy. Even his face looked like he had some kind of internal struggle going on. Maybe an upset stomach or a recent breakup.

After the customary address by the head of the institution, the CEO rose to spoke. At first it was interesting as he spoke about his experiences – how he went from being a subordinate to the head. Then the QnA started and it got very boring. The PGP students had researched and prepared questions for the session. I wasn’t grasping any of it. It sounded all marketing and economics. Boredom slowly led to drowsiness. I and Priti were feeling very sleepy. My eyelids were falling. Just as we were getting comfortable in the soft cushions, someone from the left called out to us. It was the annoying salmon pink shirt guy. He had caught us drooping and asked us to sit up straight with that constipated look of his.

When the session broke for lunch, we scurried out and made sure not to return back. In the second half we had Prof. Subhash’s class. He was getting us ready for the portfolio. He asked us to create a brand of our choice. The brand should be built from our dream set and should have some significance. There should be a need of it.

I remember talking to a friend over text messages. I told him that how confused I was. I had no idea what I wanted.  It was like the genie was asking me to wish and I stood mute. That is when I realised how dead I am. Laden by adjustments and compromises, I have pressed myself so much that I don’t believe that my dreams would ever come true and so I don’t dream at all. I kept thinking till 5 in the evening and came up with nothing. This had me very upset. I kept contemplating on this very thought till late. Since the class got over early, we had a lot of time in hand which we of course wasted doing stupid stuff.


We went around for a stroll in the campus and visited the library. It was really nice. Like a regular library, it was very hush-hush. I felt horrible inside it. The deluxe environment made me feel that I might break something or fall face down on the super shiny floor 😛


MICA takes care of you like family. The dining hall’s baby brother Chota, is the only smoking zone in the campus. It has khatiyas, lanterns and serves good food 24X7. Most of our responses to ‘Kya karna hai?’ used to be ‘chota chalte hai’. The strange thing that you might notice is the menu. Now, one does not come across Anish paratha and Anand fried rice anywhere else. It is so because they are native to MICA. From what I have heard (correct me if I am wrong), Anish and Anand happen to be ex-MICAns. They cooked a dish of their own which got popular and the canteen decided to include them in the menu. They named it after them.


Chota has squirrels running around and a kitten too. Not far away, there is a tyre for a swing hung from a branch. If you don’t have a huge ass then you might sink through it. I remember sitting there and watching people, thinking what a wonderful time we are having. The time we had at MICA was short, forgetting it would be long.


P.S.: I am extremely sorry for the delay. I know some of you have waited. It took me a lot of time to collect these pictures. It’s not my fault. Adorably-forlorn-face-now-turned-badass :* had a tough time strutting his pretty ass around the campus to fetch these.




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