MICA diaries: 28th June 2015

Sunday morning at MICA was… er… I have no idea. It’s so because we never made it to the morning; courtesy Sa-turh-day night! At around afternoon, I woke up with a considerably good memory of yesternight and slight blank spaces. With extreme laziness, I worked myself through a bath. We met at the hall and exchanged I-know-what-happened-previous-night looks! We were gushing over what Frolic did and insisted on repeatedly watching the uncensored footage. Arya-the-Man had edited it with remarkably hilarious changes and tuned it to Banno tera swagger! Her signature step as described in the previous blog was put on loop and slow-mo; it couldn’t have been better. Aryaman, you did us proud! The entire lunch time we talked about it. Not just today but for all coming days, Banno was going to be the most phenomenal MICA moment.

However, she was nowhere to be seen. As the story goes, she had momentarily stepped out and went to Deep’s room. He made her watch the recording. She was horrified and out of utter embarrassment, shut herself in her room. She didn’t even come down for lunch. Around 5 in the evening shallow-bearded-handsome-guy met Malvika and enquired about our Banno’s whereabouts. With some encouragement he went up to her room. I can’t even fathom how Banno would have felt? She graciously apologised for her tipsy performance and they went on to talk about random stuff before he left. Has such a thing ever happened to you? You meet someone and suddenly find yourself wishing upon a star. It did to her.

By evening she was up and about. She was very sporty and did not take offence to us recording her. A lot of people would have been mortified but not her. In the evening, we went to the Souq. It is restaurant in Ahmedabad city known for Mediterranean food. The cars arrived pretty early so we had to hurry up. Donning a white tunic and pink churidar, I painted my lips dark pink and rushed downstairs. I distinctly remember Malvika’s peachy pink shoes and Aayushi’s white slit skirt. The Souq seemed very Arabian Nights. Inside it was all lamps and tasseled curtains. Everywhere you saw had different shades of blue and a lot of sparkle. The ceiling was carved in a dome-shaped manner with curtains hanging around. The walls were lined with jars of spices and deliberately painted to give it a worn out look. They were decorated with fake wooden windows, flower pots and frying pans. Yes, I know frying pans but they looked nice.



My favourite was a minutely carved lamp that hung from the ceiling along with threads of twinkle.


We reached the campus late and strolled our way to Ashoka. The adjacent building has a wall on which someone chalked out a pair of wings. It’s a ritual for MICA dwellers to pose with it. We fooled around with it too. Now, stop crushing on me!


We had classes the next day but were not worried about getting up early. There’s a certain ease to this place. It’s comfortable but not laid back. Being out in the city made me realize that MICA is distinctly separate from it. It’s like the artist who is in the crowd but completely zoned out. Standing amidst the bustling city, noticeably hushed yet at the same time painting bare walls with imagination. Surreal, but nice.




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