MICA diaries: 27th June 2015 (Part I)

Saturday is supposed to be the happy day of the week but we were sweating it out. We slept late the previous night and got up early this morning. Sadly, I had to give ABCD a miss today. Grabbing a teensy bit of breakfast, we rushed to SH6 with whatever we had prepared. Sumit made suggestions regarding each of our presentations after which he carried on with the remaining of his seminar. Even in his last class, Sumit managed to entertain us. We were divided into groups and assigned a task. We had to enact a machine while the other group had to guess it and deliberately answer incorrectly. We had to make it so obvious to them that they would simply blurt out the correct answer. Ours was a washing machine. The execution was simple and effective. Priti rolled me (the cloth) and took me up to the machine. Mohit and Aryaman stood facing each other with Nidhi hunched in between them. Priti turned Nidhi sideways as if opening the lid and placed me inside. She pressed some buttons on Aryaman’s face and I started rolling inside. I had just rolled thrice when someone called out ‘washing machine’. It was Deep. Thank God for him or else I’d had to keep going on. This ain’t the kind of rolling I like doing. The other group acted out a cold drink dispenser. We got it confused with a coffee machine. Our demonstration fetched us a hundred bucks from Sumit. After lunch we started preparing the final draft of the presentation. I, Nidhi and Priti sat on the floor of the classroom next door and started working on our strategy for an organic farm (our brand of choice). Priti was absorbed. She was extremely helpful in this project as she runs an organic farm named GreenSouls back in Mumbai. We had around 3 hours to complete it and my brain was blocked. At one point my energy dropped down to zero and I went for a nap.


The presentations went well. Prof. Subhash was guest judging. Aayushi, Malvika and Deep, the BESOI team did a brilliant job. Besoi was their brand of clothing line for petite women. Aayushi stood out really well. Belongs fraayushiom Raipur and settled in Hyderabad, Aayushi emanates independence and confidence. A very apt revelation occurred this very night (you’ve got to wait for part 2). She was very expressive in her conduct. We were almost convinced to become faithful Besoi members when Mohit verbally pounced on her in the Q&A. Somehow Besoi hadn’t managed to please him. We too did happen to disagree on a few things with the strategy but Mohit seemed exceptionally disgruntled. He and Aayushi got into a massive argument. Ultimately it boiled down to Besoi being the best and earning 200 bucks as a reward. I could link you to the presentation but it’s classified. I hope it does materialise into reality sometime soon.


After the evening snacks, we headed back to our rooms. Someone from CCC passed by and invited us to a birthday party on their floor. With help from a certain curly haired blood-shot eyed angel, we had our hands on some really precious herb. Correction, not some, but humongous amount of herb which was to last the entire month. God had finally given in to our prayers.

While some of us went to the city to feast on street food, a few of us stayed back. There is a lot that I don’t remember after that. Apparently we did rock n Roll on Aryaman’s bed and littered it with bits of herb which got him really upset. I, Priti n Mohit shared some ‘rolled up love’. It was good goody good! Within an hour or so I felt like a diamond in the sky, up above the world and so high!

I was lost into sweet oblivion when Priti fetched some mangoes. Now, you know how sucrose works when you are ‘in love’, don’t you? We were in no state to have them. Someone evil suggested that we could gift it to whoever’s birthday it was. We poked Mohit and pumped him up to go upstairs and present a mango to the birthday girl. We promised to come along. We climbed the stairs and waited for Mohit to walk ahead of us. He was too ‘much in love’ to notice that we fled back down. In his black T-shirt and purple Batman shorts that hardly covered his pretty little hairy legs, Mohit hesitatingly walked into the party, not knowing that he was a one man army. He stood there and tried to locate the girl among the bustling crowd of 25. Raveena (described her in part 2), the birthday girl, was dancing when Mohit went straight up to her, held out the mango in both hands and said ‘happy birthday’ with an ridiculous grin plastered on his face. Raveena looked at him with wonder and amusement. Everyone’s attention turned to them. Mohit momentarily scanned the crowd and gazed back to her, doubting this rendezvous with full rigor. The crowd glanced from her to him and anticipated the next move. Raveena gave them a confused look and waited for a while before she took the mango and thanked him with her pretty smile. Mohit smiled back, turned around and walked back gingerly while mentally pumping his fist in the air. Batman had saved the day indeed!

This wasn’t all that happened on that fateful night. Remember, this is just Part 1!




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