MICA diaries: 26th June 2015

A lonely walk around the campus revealed some beautiful graffiti. Most of the walls here aren’t painted or plastered. They are left empty to be filled with imagination. MICA seems otherworldly and speaks of freedom. I have heard of places being fun and exciting but this place has stunned me. It’s everything you want it to be at any point of time. It can be calm and serene as well as loud and crazy.


Dressed in sunshine yellow I was at ABCD! I modeled today with a white umbrella. I stood twisting my right leg and held the umbrella behind my back. We drew other people too. Back in class we prepared a questionnaire based on the previous day’s research and forwarded to our friends and family. It was not what I had expected. Most of my friends are up for all kinds of crazy stuff and doing regular rounds on the social network but they went all Mr. India on me this time. We still managed to receive a decent amount of replies and drew a final conclusion; what Sumit refers to as ‘obvious emotional truth’.

We came down for lunch and were directed to the temple in the campus. It was the foundation anniversary and a feast was held. The temple is kind of like what you see in Bollywood movies, mostly white with subtle borders and outlines, surrounded by a lot of greenery. The entrance is a long stretched pathway leading to the stairs. Upon entry you are greeted by the overhanging bell (I love to give it a ring!). I walked towards the Priest and not knowing what to do, I simply stood in line for the Tilak. This is one Hindu tradition that I admire the most. It’s very appeasing and attractive.


(Picture courtesy: Adorably forlorn face!)

To my right was the medley of Gujarat in its utmost glory. All kinds of missiles (as says Kareena Kapoor) were laid out for us to gorge; khaman, dhokla, thepla, matha, kadhi, alu wadi. If not missiles then they certainly sound like poetry, gastronomical poetry! There was one which kind of looked like desi sushi. Granular yellow particles wrapped in sheets of green. There was a huge queue so I started eating while I was waiting for my turn to move onto the next item. Finally we sat around Sumit and terrible things started to happen. The terrible things were talking while eating and that too discussing heavy stuff. I don’t mind people talking but then it’s awkward because I am the only one concentrating on the food as if it was my sweetheart. It seems disrespectful but it’s a hell lot of love and respect to the meal. Occasionally keeping tabs on the conversation and nodding, I cruised through the delicacies.


After an extremely busy day we settled for another session with Sumit, late in the evening. We discussed about the conclusions that we had drawn from the answers. He explained to us the way we could use it into our brand building project and scheduled a meeting in the middle of the night. That is when we realized that this isn’t a month’s internship; it’s a 24X7 job. Tired, agitated yet patient, we started working on the project. Nidhi seemed a bit tensed. Her graduation results were due any minute. She constantly paced the entire floor. Priti was actively working, given the fact that she has a lot of experience. I called up my friend in Calcutta to garner some valuable insight. We were totally engrossed in work when Nidhi entered the room and sat silently. We were too busy to notice her when she suddenly jumped and almost hit the ceiling and screamed her lungs out. I and Priti shook up with fear of some giant cockroach or a fleeting ghost! 😛 She seemed ecstatic and that is when we realized that our dear friend is now a graduate. Having a hearty laugh and applauding Nidhi on her vocal skills we went back to work. Somehow, we managed a business plan and at around midnight, we visited Sumit to discuss it.
Rest of the night (whatever was left of it) passed with us sleeping absolutely unconscious. Tomorrow was the final project presentation and also the most epic night at MICA. What happened tomorrow has gone down in history like no other event ever!
It was going to be Legen-wait for it-dary!




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