MICA diaries: 25th June 2015

ABCD had been running around in my head. Dressed in black I made way to the art class with Priti after a sumptuous breakfast. We sat down to draw a bespectacled guy sitting on a chair with his feet lazily crossed. I was holding a pencil to draw after a very long time. It made me happy and the fact that I could still manage to draw made me happier. The art teacher, Pravin Mishra is the head of the CCC programme and a very jolly person. He smiles often and was very encouraging, or maybe that is how people normally are at MICA. I managed to sketch an outline before the class got over.10648992_10152307768326363_8745439458657113780_o

A man dressed all in black awaited us in class. His dark attire and shoulder length silvery grey tresses made him seem mystical. Oh! And he wasn’t knighted yet, so Sumit Roy from Calcutta was our mentor for the next threScreen Shot 2015-08-31 at 1.26.17 pme days. Founder and director at Univbrands, Sumit introduced us to his brainchild through 21st century brand planning. The ‘word of mouth’ had never sounded so convincing to me. Sumit had a peculiar habit of sticking out the tip of his tongue while acting surprised or amazed. It was very funny. Later, when I got to know that he is a Bengali, it justified the expressive and animated demeanour. The most endearing and amusing part was when he made us pronounce ‘Univ’ with our tongue pressed to our cheek.

He made us perform various exercises like building a house of cards, acting out a brand and multiple answers for the same query, which embarked the beginning of two very important lessons – to think out of the box and that there is not just one right answer! How lovely it was to know that the rigidity of mathematics doesn’t hold true for art and for life.

After lunch, Sumit had planned a trip to Alpha One mall for research work. We were to talk to strangers and gather insights about our project. Now, this was difficult; atleast, for me. Being a reserved person I find it tough to go up to someone and begin a conversation [until and unless it’s Mr. adorably forlorn face. I struggled at the beginning but picked up pace and managed to talk to quite a few people. There were three of us together; myself, Nidhi and Priti and we were on fire! Every passerby seemed like potential bait. There were instances when we spotted targets at the same time and would disperse while subtly signaling the others. We’d make great Desi Charlie’s Angels 😀IMG_0551

Back at the hostel we were very tired and dropped right into sleep. I woke up with my eyes still muffled with drowsiness to find that there is a theatre workshop going on. I was jolted awake and rushed to the auditorium. A man of around 40, dressed in a bottle green loose kurta with sleeves folded up till his elbows was talking about theatre and the seven basic emotions that are portrayed in it. I had merely sat down on the comfortable cushions when he called us on for an impromptu play. All of us exchanged clueless looks like they do in Hindi movies. Later it turned out to be very exciting. I distinctly remember Aditya for his flawless Nana Patekar impression. He emerged from behind the mob on stage and did an amazing ‘Nana in Krantiveer’ Hindu-Muslim feat. He had us in splits and cheering for him.

It was surprising how quickly I was getting comfortable with my fellow interns. Even today, after dinner we spend time together discussing random stuff. Back at the room I finished my assignment and went to sleep thinking about the eventful day I had had. Little did I know that ‘eventful’ would prove to be an understatement in the near future.




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  1. Seharrrr!!! Every account is like revisiting Mica all over again day by day. Sahi jaa rahe ho aap (That is how I addressed you in the beginning 😛 ) .. Waiting for the next one… 😀


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