How our mothers chose us.

After several weekends of pointless household chores, a thoughtful essay by Karuna Ezara Parikh, and on the other side of the twenties, I realize how our mothers chose us. The previous time I visited my hometown, it was a weekend but my mother was not at home. She was working on a weekend. Earlier, while... Continue Reading →


The Secret place at Hampi: 9 Dec, 2016

We woke up early morning very eager to visit the “secret place”. At around 10, the party gathered at the restaurant. We were promised a waterfall and a lake, hence, we packed accordingly. Timo packed a pump apart from other things. He joked about blasting the waterbed of the lake so that fishes would come... Continue Reading →

The Funny Place at Hampi: 7 & 8 Dec, 2015

We shifted base from the Goan corner to its neighbour “Top Secret Riverview Restaurant”. Although there is nothing top secret about it, the riverside view is a treat. Huts with thatched roof forming a single file with hammocks swinging in front of each would give you a very beachy feel. The double bed with white... Continue Reading →

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